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Fabulous Fashion Tips for Women Over Sixty

There was a time when the phrases “fashionable” and “over sixty” were thought to be polar opposites. But today’s mature women are often pointed to as fashion icons who have abandoned the trends and forged forward with their own personal styles. For many, turning sixty means changes in the body that force them to abandon what’s tight and form-fitting, but there are plenty of older women who are still out there, running and exercising on a daily basis and as a result they’re looking fit and feeling fabulous.

By the time they’ve reached sixty, most women have achieved their own personal sense of style. They understand that sexiness and fashion have nothing to do with age and that there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of bling or a flash of color. If you’re looking for ways to embrace your age and look your best, here are some easy fashion tips for women over sixty.

Pay Mind To Your “Do”

Pay attention to your hair. Though many women have embraced their gray, or even gone all the way to coloring with beautiful shades of silver or white, it’s still important to choose a hairstyle that doesn’t age you. Choose a style that frames your face. Pixie, cropped or shaggy bobs, heavy side sweeps and long layered looks can all look great as long as you keep it looking healthy.

Don’t Shy Away From Flattering Styles

Ditch baggy clothes. You don’t want to wear things that look like you borrowed them from your tween granddaughter, but keep in mind that clothes that sag and hang make you look older and frumpy. Make sure that your clothes fit well — if you have an old favorite that has seen better days, a trip to the local seamstress may restore it to a fresher look. Tailored looks that fit you well are best, but even if your preference is for floaty, flowing tunics, make sure that they fit in the shoulders and that the pants or leggings that you’re wearing are correctly fitted.

Pretty, Soft Colors

Soft colors often work best for women over sixty. Though you might love bright colors such as red or bright yellow, they can be aging. If you must include color, try to work it in with accents rather than with head-to-toe hues that overwhelm.

Skip The Monochromatic Look

All black may have been your favorite look when you were younger, but keep in mind that it can be very aging as you get older. Black can tend to look harsh and accentuate wrinkles, where bringing in warm or lighter colors can soften the look of lines.

Despite all of the tips you’ll see for fashion in women over sixty in magazines and websites, remember that if you’re over sixty, you’ve earned the right to cultivate your own personal style. Think of Diane Keaton in her all white outfits or Gloria Steinem in her signature black turtleneck, long hair and aviator glasses. Understand what works for you and feel free to do it, but keep in mind that if you want to retain a youthful look, you need to at least stay in touch with what’s up to date. You may love tie dye and can still tie it in if you like, but you’re better off limiting it to a scarf or a pair of leggings than an entire outfit that will make you look tied to a not-so-recent past. By the same token, remember that fads are for young kids – if a teenager is wearing it, then you probably shouldn’t.