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Best Sites for Brain Teasers

I’m obsessed with brain teasers and puzzles, so I thought I’d share some of the best sites for those types of games. As I’ve said before, brain puzzles may help fend off brain atrophy, Alzheimer’s and dementia. I use little games with my Aunt Polly when I go visit her in Knoxville at her assisted living facility. Here are my top picks for the best sites for brain teasers.

Brain Bashers

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It’s not the prettiest site in the world, but it has puzzles, logic games, mazes and more. You can sign up for a daily puzzle email and there is even a spot for teachers. The site requires Java, so make sure you have that on your computer. If not, there are plenty of other sites to choose from.


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This site includes the answers, so if you get frustrated by not being able to check your work, this is a good site for you. You can even add your own puzzles. This site isn’t for sissies. Some of the puzzles are REALLY hard. But it’s good when you want to sharpen your skills.


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I absolutely love this site. It has so many free games you could spend all day there. There’s also a cool community you can join and trade game tips with. They have categories like “mentalrobics,” brain teasers and trivia.

WU Riddles

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This site has had some problems as of late, but it’s a great resource for lovers of brain teasers. The guy who runs the site has been collecting riddles since 2002 and it’s hard to find the answers, but it’s worth it. The answers are posted on the forum, so you have to go looking for them.

These are just a few of the sites I use to keep my brain sharp. There are other sites you can pay for, but who has the money for that? I also buy the big variety puzzle books at the local drugstore or grocery store. I keep a pencil, pencil sharpener and eraser nearby and it takes me back to my school days when I got so much satisfaction out of neatly completing my workbooks.

I may be kind of a “nerd,” but these games are fun. And, if I can stave off dementia, I’ll keep doing it forever!